We’re sorry not to have a full website in English yet. In the meantime, discover our dance festival through this page and [email href=”contact@entrezdansladanse.fr”]contact us[/email] if you feel in the mood to know more. You may also try to auto-translate our website, which actually works quite well.

A Dance Festival in the heart of Paris

Entrez dans la Danse offers a unique experience of discovering dance in an urban setting: every year this festival celebrates dance as an Art and a universal practice. It gives you access a large array of dance companies: Contemporary dance, Hip-Hop, Latin, traditional or world dances — you will be able to enjoy many free performances and participatory activities.

This cultural event is organized by an independent association Mouvance d’Arts and has been steadily growing in scope, stature and popularity since its beginning in 2003. This year it will take place on Sunday, 2nd of June 2019.

When the street meets the stage

Around 400 dancers, 40 performances and 18 000 people gathered in parks, streets and places around Bercy Village (M. Cour Saint-Emilion) at each of our previous events. Conditions of performances are very sober (no stage, no light) and give the chance to experience Dance as an Art open to everyone. Come join us this year!

The Vitality of the French dance scene

Following our goal to encourage the knowledge of dance in France, Mouvance d’Arts is committed to creating innovative projects to link up Artists with the general public. This annual event works with partners from across the Paris region to develop opportunities to support the many dynamic and creative dance artists.